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The Zipper Club - Year One (PRINT EDITION)


At age 8, Cliffy Goldfarb was the recipient of an emergency heart
transplant. At age 9, Cliffy is now struggling to cope with the
limitations his still recovering body is undergoing, and the fact that because of this, he has trouble relating to his peers. When his mom suggests spending his summer at Camp Bravehearts, a place for kids living with heart defects like his own, he has some trepidation about going this camp for “special” kids, but soon learns his worries were all over nothing when he meets a young girl named Rosie who introduces him to a group of new friends who encourage him by showing off their surgical scars to one another and inducting Cliffy into “The Zipper Club”.

After a successful funding campaign through IndieGoGo, The Zipper Club is on the fast track to its full color debut, in a full color, 52 page digest format, reprinting all six original Zipper Club short stories from the pages of Grayhaven Comics' The Gathering, plus 13 pages of all new story material as well as a whole slew of games, activities, and heart-healthy advice for kids!